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Grassroots activists calling for ‘national strike’ by Americans; ‘warm up’ set for April 15-18


By Mark Anderson

Karen Quinn-Tostado of Oregon says she is just an everyday lady, but she is playing a significant role in an uncommon effort to get the American people to “face their oppressors,” as she put it. Ms. Quinn-Tostado is calling on every willing American to detach from their routine and engage in a national strike from the increasingly oppressive big business-big government matrix that has snared Americans in unpayable debt, endless toil, demolished rights and broken dreams with no apparent solution.

In cities like Detroit and Flint, Mich., entire neighborhoods of crumbling houses are vacant, and old factory sites there and elsewhere lay in ruins. Older parents are living with their adult kids (or vice versa). Entire factories have been transplanted to other countries, or totally closed.

There is an extreme lack of consumer purchasing power in this economy. Many citizens believe this cannot go on much longer.

Thus, from April 15 to April 18, Ms. Quinn-Tostado is calling for a national strike that includes these ideas: Do not send your children to school on schooldays; do not eat at chain restaurants (go to family-owned eateries or eat at home); do not buy imported goods of any kind; pull your money out of the big banks and choose a small community bank or no bank; and, among other things, decide as an individual whether paying the federal income tax or any other tax possibly deemed unjust is the right thing do to.

“Don’t buy; don’t comply; ask why,” she said. The tax issue is up to each person, and neither she nor AFP is advising anyone on that matter. But she said participation in even one area of her plan is better than nothing.

 Some people may want to take all these actions and more, while others may be content with one or two. The key is for a large number of people to take part in a noticeable manner and keep it simple, she said.


Ms. Quinn-Tostado agreed with this AFP writer’s observation that this planned temporary detachment from “the system” could lead to long-term self-sufficiency among citizens, who could benefit in many ways from not eating genetically modified foods and growing their own food instead; from not drinking chemically laced municipal water; from not purchasing any prescription drugs and relying more on healthy alternatives.

In her essay, “Why We Must Strike,” Ms. Quinn-Tostado noted that the Articles of Freedom, composed at last November’s Continental Congress, an unprecedented event organized by well-known activist Bob Schulz, are the intended capstone of this idea.

She wrote, in part: We the people call for a national strike April 15 to 18, with those of us who can on April 19 going to our state capitols and presenting our “mis-representatives” with our signed Articles of Freedom, which defend our Constitutional rights, as well as our individual and state sovereignty.

Those [articles] are a must-read for anyone who really wants to learn about the principles this country was founded on and what our freedom is about. Every individual is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the time for these freedoms to be handed down to us without our individual participation and sacrifice has passed. . . .

We have until April 15 to educate ourselves and make a decision, if not for ourselves, for our children. And each and every baby boomer from my generation who reads this needs to look at their family and consider what we really are leaving as our legacy. There are over 300 million Americans in this country, who are wondering how we got into the position we find ourselves in today, and what to do about it. In order to understand, it is time to start asking ourselves some of these questions.

Schulz, Ms. Quinn-Tostado and others AFP has interviewed regarding the Articles of Freedom point out that they are not another routine petition seeking redress of grievances. Rather, they are “instructions,” For in-depth details, go to and

In a Feb. 28 telephone interview, Ms. Quinn-Tostado noted that Articles of Freedom supporters are calling on more citizens to read and sign them. Thus, the planned April 19 delivery date—a famous day on which Colonists fought British redcoats at Lexington and Concord—may work out, or the delivery will have to wait until more signatures are gathered.

“Stay tuned,” Ms. Quinn-Tostado said. She pointed out that March 15 is a “test” day to get more people to “warm up” for mid-April by taking one or more of the recommended actions. Beyond the April strike dates, she hopes this general idea spreads quickly.

“If we can remember the 15th of every month—and we have contacts in Greece who are striking—maybe we can ‘go international’ and stop the ‘dominant criminal minority’ that oppresses us,” she said.
Anyone can take part in weekly conference calls at (712) 775-7200; then enter 431669# (the pound sign). The calls are live at 2 p.m. Eastern Saturdays and 10 p.m. Eastern Wednesdays. To hear recorded conference calls after the fact, dial (712) 775-7299 and enter the same code.

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(Issue # 10 & 11, March 8 & 15, 2010)

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