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Non-Mexican Illegals Fueling Border Violence

By Mike Blair


While President George Bush is trying to hoodwink Americans about taking a firm position to halt the large numbers of aliens illegally entering the nation, the truth is, according to American Free Press sources, the flow of undocumented immigrants is worsening.

In addition, the crossover of illegals who are classified as “other than Mexicans” (OTMs) has worsened, which is particularly embarrassing for the post 9-11 Bush administration.

Although the establishment media is giving it little attention, last year there were 88,000 OTMs who were caught in the United States by customs and immigration authorities.

No one knows how many remain in the United States. Of the 88,000 who were caught, about 72 percent were released from custody with a notice to appear in court later for a deportation hearing. Of that 72 percent, 75 percent of them did not show up for their court date, making a mockery of the proceedings.

Ninety-four foreign-born nationals have been arrested or convicted on terror-related charges. Of these, 22 were in the United States legally with student visas, 17 had visitor visas and 13 simply overstayed their visas and no one bothered to look for them.

Along the border, the situation grows worse daily. The Bush administration doesn’t seem to care that assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents have increased in 12 months from 354 to 687 last year. There have been reports that either the illegal aliens or the guides who are paid to take them across the border have been attacking agents with a variety of weapons—everything from slingshots propelling marbles to Molotov cocktails and semiautomatic weapons.a

In some cases, drug smugglers are more heavily armed than Border Patrol officers and have been known to carry machineguns, hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenades—weapons usually reserved for the military.

But the Bushites insist placing U.S. troops on the border would be overreacting to the problem. While guarding the borders of countless other countries, the president refuses to use troops to guard the U.S. border.

AFP has learned that in patrol areas in Tucson and San Diego, Border Patrol agents were shot at 43 times last year. Twenty agents were hospitalized for wounds. Military magazine has reported that Mexican troops, who are supporting narcoterrorists, frequently fire across the border at American agents.

AFP reported in 2005 that Mexican troops operating American-made Humvees actually crossed the border and engaged U.S. Border Patrol agents in a gunfight. The Mexican soldiers were captured and briefly held.

However, local agents received orders from Washington to release them and they returned to Mexico.

As far as anyone knows, the State Department did not complain to Mexico about the incident, which constituted an armed invasion of U.S. territory by foreign troops.

(Issue #4, January 23, 2006)

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