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Pentagon Develops Star Wars Defense For Eastern Europe

Pentagon Develops Star Wars Defense For Eastern Europe

Missile Defense Scheme Sure to Anger Russians


By Richard Walker


In a move that is sure to anger the Russians, the Pentagon has been secretly exploring possible sites in two former Soviet bloc countries for the setting up of a defensive missile shield.

Pentagon experts have been negotiating with Poland and the Czech Republic to house future sites for advanced radar and interceptor missiles as part of a Bush plan to implement a new “Star Wars” program. There is speculation that a third site could be located in Bulgaria, regarded as the gateway from the Middle East to the Balkans.

So far, no agreement has been reached on the locations of the missiles and whether sites, once established, could be deemed to be U.S. territory.

Leaks about the Pentagon talks, have caused a stir in some sections of the East European media and have led to claims that there should be a public debate before any agreement is reached with the United States.

The plan for Eastern Europe is thought to be based on a future danger that might arise from countries like Iran that possess a missile capability and a secret nuclear program. However, Russia, which has seen NATO expansion across what was formerly the Soviet Union may well object to the move and withdraw from arms reduction talks.

Separate sites are planned for Alaska and California in an effort to protect against an attack from the unpredictable and heavily armed North Korean military.

The Pentagon has been careful to indicate to East European NATO members that the new Star Wars plan is not aimed at preventing future attacks against the United States and its western allies from Russia and China, though that must be considered in future military planning.

So far, Russia and China have not officially reacted to the leaked Pentagon plan though Russian and Chinese officials told a Canadian news agency that the plan would either lead to a new arms race or the weaponization of space.

Senior Polish defense experts have indicated that Russia will have to be consulted before a site is established on Polish soil. It has therefore not escaped the notice of some Poles that a missile shield in Poland would only be there to protect against one potential enemy—the Russians.


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