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‘Post’ Challenged On Bilderberger Blackout Policy


By James P. Tucker Jr.

Bob Alden, who is retired after more than 50 years on the news staff at The Washington Post, said he would personally deliver the American Free Press issue that contained extensive Bilderberg group coverage and list of participants to publisher Donald Graham.

He also agreed to deliver a question to Graham, who regularly attends Bilderberg on an oath of secrecy: “Are there any inaccuracies in these Bilderberg stories? Is there even one tiny mistake? If so, we will correct them.”

Alden said he would be seeing Graham in a few days. Alden agreed to deliver the message while talking to this reporter May 16 at the National
Press Club. We had seen a lot of each other in the 1950s as writers for several different newspapers.

Under NPC rules, any talk at the men’s bar is off the record unless each party agrees to put it on the record. Alden agreed. The rule was implemented half a century ago when President Harry Truman became an “associate” member. Truman could enjoy his bourbon on the rocks and play poker without worrying about his public image.

Post publishers have attended Bilderberg since it first formed under that name in 1954. Owner-publisher Phil Graham attended in the early years.

After he died suspiciously in 1963, wife Katharine came out of the kitchen to become publisher and Bilderberg regular. Donald is the Post’s third-generation Bilderberger.


International moneychangers had been planning global policies for decades before the name “Bilderberg” was embraced. It was at such a meeting that financiers came up with the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve Board.

But in 1954 they decided they needed a formal systematic, annual meeting and called themselves “Bilderberg” because that was the name of the hotel they were using in Osterbeck, Holland.

The Rothschilds of Europe and Britain and the Rockefellers of the United States are heavyweight Bilderberg participants. Edmund Rothschild was succeeded by Baron Evelyn Rothschild. Franco Bernabe, vice chairman of Rothschild Europe, attended the latest meeting.

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