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President Humiliated by Netanyahu; AFP Corrects Bibi’s Biggest Whoppers


By Ralph Forbes

The president of the United States was recently humiliated in the White House—a symbol of American sovereignty—by Israel’s prime minister for 10 minutes on national and international TV. Benjamin Netanyahu chewed Obama out in the Oval Office, while “the most powerful man on Earth” cowered and dared not defend the honor and dignity of his office.

Obama, it seemed, could barely hold back the tears while the foreign leader who many define as a global bully lectured Obama about “the facts on the ground.”

But if Obama had the courage of any soldier who risks his or her life daily in “AfPak” and Iraq, he would have told Netanyahu to stop insulting the American people.

Obama should have used that 10 minutes—while the world watched—to prove that each of Netanyahu’s “facts” is a big fat lie.


Big Lie No. 1: “Israel can’t go back to 1967 borders.” Peace Envoy George Mitchell once resigned in disgust over the final straw of Netanyahu’s reneging of 1967 borders, when his predecessors—including prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert—proposed and committed to the 1967 borders “as the basis of peace negotiations.”

Big Lie No. 2: “Conditions on the ground have changed.” Imagine if hordes of illegal aliens from all over the world crossed over our borders, murdered Americans who had developed the land for generations, bulldozed or dynamited the homes of Americans, stole their lands, illegally occupied their properties and forced the homeless Americans to pass through checkpoints in order to travel within America. Imagine such a brutal police state denying you all the rights you once took for granted, refusing you all respect and dignity due you as a human being, much less mercy, in what was once your homeland.

In 1948 there were “officially” only 2,810 Jews who were illegal aliens in Palestine. After half of the land was partitioned, illegal immigrants, in what was left of Palestine, were practically zero. After the 1967 war the takeover of the remaining Palestinian lands began slowly. By 1972 there were 10,608 illegal aliens. They increased 10-fold by 1983 to 106,595; by 1993 they doubled to 281,800. They doubled again by 2004 to 441,165. In three years they increased to 484,862 by 2007. In less than two years, 2009, the flood rose to 516,569 gun-toting illegal aliens. Yes, conditions on the ground have changed—and they must not remain that way.

Big Lie No. 3: “The Palestinians deserve whatever they get. They started the war in 1967.” The Palestinians were victims of that war—refugees driven out of their homes, with more than 300,000 exiled who never returned. Houses were destroyed, “not in battle, but as punishment . . . in order to chase away the inhabitants. . . .” wrote Gen. Moshe Dayan in his memoirs. Many were forced out by the Israeli troops in panic and fear. There is evidence of Israeli soldiers going around with loudspeakers ordering West Bankers to leave their homes and cross the Jordan River.

The media constantly regurgitate the Big Lie that “Arabs attacked Israel,” but Israel’s leaders admit they started the war in 1967—and they are proud of it. At dawn, on June 5, 1967, Israel launched a Pearl Harbor-like sneak attack against the air forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Their air defenses lay in smoking ruins, never getting off the ground. By noon, Israel had essentially won the -Six Day War—in six hours. Inevitably, the fact that so many hundreds of Arab planes were trapped in their parking areas was evidence that Israel struck the first blow.

Menachem Begin admitted: “In June 1967, we had a choice. . . . We decided to attack,” as recorded by author Noam Chomsky in The Fateful Triangle.

“There was ‘no threat of destruction [of Israel]’,” the Israel’s ex-defense minister, Moshe Dayan, who gave the order to attack Syria to seize the Golan Heights, boasted that many of the fire-fights with the Syrians were deliberately provoked by Israel, and the “greedy” kibbutz residents were less concerned for security than with grabbing the land (The New York Times, May 11, 1997).

Big Lie No. 4: “It was only a miracle that gave us a marvelous victory.” That is baloney. Actually, the war was premeditated, for at least two years, with precise plans between the Israeli high command and the 303 Committee, directly out of LBJ’s White House, under Operation Frontlet 615, involving a “live-bait,” “false-flag” plot to sink an American ship—with the death of all hands on board—blaming this shameful war crime on the Egyptians.

“Every person in that room knew . . . that it was an American ship and that it was the USS Liberty. . . . But General Dayan ordered the attack anyway. We Israelis were guilty of an outrage.” (Maj. Seth Mintz, AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Aug. 4, 2003)

The real blessing from God, the miracle of the Six Day War, was that the USS Liberty did not sink in spite of being hit with Israeli rockets, napalm and torpedoes— and gunboats machine-gunning life rafts—aided by treachery in the highest places.

That is only a summary of some of the Big Lies. Instead of demanding an apology, Obama groveled. Given Obama’s cowardice and that of Congress to face the truth and right the many wrongs, we all need to proclaim, “Remember the Liberty!”

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(Issue # 23, June 6, 2011)

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