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Quarterback, Congressman—and Now a Convict


By Jim Traficant

I have been called anti-government, anti-Republican, anti-Democrat, anti-Semitic and bigot—just a few of my labels. My politics are anti-big government, anti-IRS, anti-foreign lobbies, anti-socialism and anti-Communism. Truth is, my politics are simply pro-American—period.

Any issue, regardless of the hype or emotions, that is not in the best interest of America, I oppose. I believe in and support the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Any manipulation of our constitutional mandate is a cardinal sin to me.

I guess I’m old fashioned—in fact I believe that all those new world order politicians are so dumb and misdirected that if they fell out of bed, they’d miss the floor.

I believe this new world order has bankrupted our great nation. We’re bankrupt and the Congress is nothing more than a bunch of trustees presiding over the biggest chapter 11 proceeding in world history.

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up, I’ve had it. I’m sick of gutless politicians who are afraid to do what’s right; afraid to do what’s needed—who follow misdirected policies like lemmings, who have our young men and women engaged in foreign wars of little or no interest to the U.S.A. These same young brave Americans are now being shipped back home in body bags. Distraught, grieving parents receive their bodies while they themselves are losing their jobs and pensions. America is in grave danger, and no one seems to believe it.


The major reason for the average American to be so passive and inactive is quite simple—the mainstream media of the U.S.A. distorts the truth—withholds the truth—and in many instances is controlled and influenced by foreign entities. I even question the loyalties and politics of some of their owners and publishers.

I read the mainstream print medium with much skepticism. Quite frankly, I don’t trust the major newspapers. I do not believe their propaganda. It should be of no surprise to know of my support for AMERICAN FREE PRESS, even though I may disagree with the AFP on some issues. The AFP reports the truth—the unvarnished truth, regardless of the pressures that are brought to bear against them, and there are many.

America needs to be informed—needs to hear and read the whole story, the truth, the facts and the dynamics of political action that secure and protect our freedom. Having said that, I encourage you to subscribe to AFP and read my weekly column. I plan to address the influence and power of AIPAC and its control over our very lives. The reason to abolish the Federal Reserve system; the reason to abolish our Communist progressive income tax; the absolute need to repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution; and my proposals to save and create jobs; to stop the hemorrhaging of our federal debt, to reverse our massive trade deficit and stop illegal immigration.

I will also address the issue of John Demjanjuk, who is not being just prosecuted - Demjanjuk and his family are being persecuted, and no one in Washington will help. I plan to help him and will testify in Germany about the crimes in the Justice Department if subpoenaed.

Opponents of mine will snicker and laugh. I predict that. I expect that. But, remember, these are the same nincompoops that have almost destroyed our great republic.

You deserve to hear an opposing view. An American’s view, which happens to be my view. I plan to deliver these views and information.

I ask of you to participate in this struggle to reverse the downward spiral of our great republic. I want you to send me your ideas and suggestions. I believe that America can be saved and, contrary to the propaganda we get out of Washington, this is not brain surgery nor rocket science. In fact, it’s plain old-fashioned common sense, something that is lacking in our nation’s capital.

I charge you with one other task; contact your friends, relatives, co-workers and associates to subscribe to AFP so that our words, ideas and proposals become known by a growing numbers of American citizens.

Look for me next week. And please STRAP ON YOUR SEAT BELTS.

© 2009 AMERICAN FREE PRESS. To inquire about running Jim Traficant's syndicated column in your publication, please call AFP and ask for our syndication coordinator at 202-544-5977.

James A. (Jim) Traficant, Jr. was born in Youngstown, Ohio on May 8, 1941. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh where he was a well-known football star. He also received a M.S. degree from Youngstown State University in 1976. For ten years he served as executive director of the Mahoning County (Ohio) Drug Program and from 1981-1985 he served as sheriff of Mahoning County, prior to his election to the U.S. Congress as a Democrat in 1984. He was re-elected by overwhelming margins every year up until 2002 when, following his conviction on trumped up corruption charges he was expelled from the House of Representatives. Despite his conviction and expulsion and being sent to prison for a seven  year term Traficant still won 15% of the vote running for re-election to the House in the 2002 election as an independent. He recently completed a seven year prison sentence, having refused to seek a pardon or clemency, refusing to admit to or apologize for crimes he did not commit. This is his first column for AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

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(Issue # 45, November 9, 2009)

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