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By James P. Tucker Jr.

American Free Press is busily engaged in the annual ritual of hunting down the Bilderberg Group, which will hope to meet in secret this spring. When the last rock is turned over and their location and meeting times unearthed, AFP readers will be the first in America to know.

Some sources believe Bilderberg will meet near Innsbruck, Austria, as it did in 1988. Others think somewhere in North America, as Bilderberg has a number of times over the years. Adding weight to this theory is that it is North America’s “turn” to host Bilderberg.

Typically, the power elite meets in Europe for three years, then in North America. The last Bilderberg meeting on this side of the pond was in Chantilly, Va., in 2002.

Uncovering the secretive group of international financiers and political leaders is a difficult annual challenge. A year ago, the precise location and date in Germany were finally uncovered by journalist and AFP collaborator Danny Estulin of Spain. AFP Managing Editor Christopher J. Petherick had to call this sleuth in the middle of the night and tell him to “grab his other pair of socks” and head to Dulles Airport in northern Virginia.

In 2000, when yours truly was with the now defunct Spotlight, it was positively determined that Bilderberg would meet in the area of Brussels, Belgium, June 1-3. But the precise location was unclear.

I was standing at the Men’s Bar in the National Press Club, bag packed and waiting for the shuttle bus to Dulles, when the break came. An old friend who was involved in international commerce and who was personally acquainted with many Bilderberg luminaries, had, as usual, been helping in the search.

He called me with the precise location. I then called the news office and the front page of the newspaper was taken apart and put together again to reflect the breaking news.

This old Bilderberg hound is hoping we don’t have to cut it that close this year. But it gets tougher every year and I’m keeping a week’s supply of clean shirts on hand at all times.


And although I’m not usually such a shameless self-promoter, I would recommend that every AFP reader purchase my book, Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary. In this 280-page book I recount the adventures I have had tracking down Bilderberg and crashing their party every year (almost) for the past 25 years.

I’ve also included dozens of exclusive photos snapped by me and my colleagues of the meetings and which few—if any—other Americans besides the readers of this paper and The Spotlight have ever seen. I think you’ll especially like the photo with me and Maggie Thatcher, who agreed to a private meeting with me after she realized Bilderberg was more than, “tea and crumpet” party. She came out publicly against Bilderberg after that and was the victim of a Bilderberg campaign to have her defeated in herre-election bid as Britain’s prime minster.

Bilderberg doesn’t like it when “their own” expose the group. There’s lots more in the book but I wouldn’t want to ruin all the surprises for you. By the way, the proceeds from the purchase of the book will go to help fund my travel expenses and the other costs AFP incurs bringing you these exclusive Bilderberg reports.

Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary: One Reporter’s 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government is available from AFP, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. 20003. Or call 1-888-699-NEWS. Get your copy for just $18 (reg. $24.95) if you mention “Jim Tucker sent me.”

(Issue #8, February 20, 2006)

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