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Senate Approves Strong Border Bill

$3 billion in emergency funds OK’d

STRONG BORDER PROTECTIONS have been approved by the Senate in the first major battle on immigration since President Bush’s amnesty (“comprehensive”) proposal was harshly rejected in June. The Senate approved $3 billion in emergency spending for immigration and border enforcement.

“The Senate demonstrated today that it overwhelmingly supports tough border security, and we hope the president shows us he shares our concerns by dropping his irresponsible threat to veto the homeland security spending bill,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (DNev.).

This was a bipartisan demonstration of hypocrisy. Reid supports amnesty, as does Bush. Bush threatens a veto because, he said, he wants to cut spending.

Bush is the biggest spender in history—not just because of the war and costs of the “war on terrorism” but because of wild spending on schools, extra Medicare benefits when the system is going broke and other reckless programs.

(Issue #33, August 13, 2007)

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Updated August 3, 2007