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Tea Party Rallies Target Long List of Grievances

By Mark Anderson

The 'tea parties' across the country April 15 foreshadowed a number of End the Fed rallies on April 25, which provides an important contrast as Americans in ever-larger numbers show their unrest and express their varied views on what's wrong with America. But actually fixing this crippled nation is where things get tricky and extremely daunting.

These ongoing End the Fed rallies—which kicked off last November at 39 Federal Reserve Bank locations— bring needed focus to an overall movement that otherwise may fling its “arrows of unrest” a thousand different directions without enough of them hitting in any one spot to bring the profound and lasting change that everyone seeks. Above all, we must grasp that the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve System is the real ruler— the conqueror—of the former republic, meaning that it is the head of the United States Empire. The real visible ruler is Ben Bernanke not Barack Obama. Therefore, downplaying or omitting the Fed as a huge part of the problem means that there will not be a lasting solution.


Having attended the McAllen, Tex. tea party where 1,100 people vented their views and held signs about every issue except the Fed—and having received reports and speech copies from several other tea parties, including the one in San Antonio where more than 10,000 gathered by the Alamo—it’s clear that ending the Fed is on the tea party “menu” but is only an “appetizer” in most locales. But thanks to the End the Fed rallies, the need to speak in unison, name our conqueror and seek his peaceful demise won’t be crushed under our own feet as we “storm the Bastille” with dozens of pet issues.

In McAllen, timeworn arguments about America sliding into socialism were raised which, while not inaccurate, are misleading. The implication is that now that Democrat Obama is president, socialism will engulf us.

However, Obama would just continue what his Republican and Democratic predecessors already started long ago—which is a certain species of socialism on the installment plan, going back to the New Deal in the early 1930s. From there, we had Social Security; LBJ’s Great Society with Medicare; urban renewal; a mushrooming of federal agencies and controls during the Nixon years; drastically increased spending and a skyrocketing national debt under Reagan and Bush the Elder; “community service” plans and corporate welfare under Clinton and Bush the Younger; and a continuation of community service (forced labor disguised as charity) and still more Wall Street welfare under Obama. And “Dubya” Bush was the undisputed champ of erecting the surveillance state.

An AMERICAN FREE PRESS associate who attended the Kalamazoo, Mich., rally April 15 said it was much the same—a thin glaze of ending the Fed amid larger complaints that Washington’s ever-growing $3.6 trillion budget is “wasteful” and “spends too much taxpayer money,” and “where are our jobs?” and “stop the socialism” and so on: Legitimate concerns but central culprits are not named.

Nor could the Kalamazoo gathering of more than 1,500 concerned citizens get even the temporary attention of southwest Michigan Rep. Fred Upton (R), one of those non-household names on Capitol Hill. He has been helping himself to the perks and prestige of the office since 1986. He dropped his former newspaper column in the early 1990s while cutting any other meaningful connection to the public at-large. Not that Upton wasn’t nearby on April 15; it’s just that this Republican heir to the Whirlpool Corporation throne found it better to visit a Kalamazoo senior citizen center near the rally, upholding his practice of “buying votes” at safe appearances with select audiences, while making socialistic promises that are just as much at home with Republicans as they are with Democrats.

“Full-service Fred” is a supreme example of the fact that socialism—whether it’s for the rich or the poor, or whether it leans toward endless welfare or endless warfare or both—is the favored narcotic of both dominant parties.

At San Antonio’s tea party, leading Trans-Texas Corridor opponent Terri Hall kept the focus on the NAFTA superhighway (TTC) master plan and the related effort to toll freeways and eliminate them as competition to a proposed tollway grid that would seize up to 600,000 acres in Texas with land-grabbing eminent domain laws. Alongside visiting Michigan rocker Ted Nugent in front of the Alamo—where TV commentator Glenn Beck broadcast his show that afternoon—Ms. Hall showed that Texas has grassroots concerns with national implications.

If the TTC takes root, it has branches such as TTC-69 that would take it up to Michigan, entering Canada at Port Huron. But some maps show that Interstate 94 could be expanded to become a NAFTA connecting route toward Illinois, leading the artery right through southwest Michigan, including the “People’s Republic of Fred Upton.”

What would flow along this artery? More Chinese goods, of course, which illustrates that besides the Federal Reserve’s private, for-profit monetary system that in 1913 overthrew our “commonwealth” and the idea of shared abundance intended in our Constitution, international trade is the other central culprit not being loudly named at these tea parties.

Ms. Hall stated: “The TTC-69 will connect the Mexican border with the Gulf of Mexico coastline, Houston and major industrial and logistics centers in Texas with the north of the country,” quoting ACS of Spain, the winning bidder in the state-federal plan to allow for-profit foreign corporations to convert existing Texas routes into toll ways and build new tollways, which is the shape of things to come nationally.

“North of the country” means upward to Canada. TTC-69 and many other tentacles of the NAFTA highway fan out across the nation and arrive at either Canada or to connecting routes that end up there.

Ultimately, this trade scheme to bring even more Asian goods to America through Mexican-Pacific ports, possibly bypassing our Long Beach and Los Angeles ports, would remove our highways from public control. We must retain our freeways and avoid heavy tolling for the profit of select corporations who get no-bid contracts.

Yet, in this big, unsettling picture emerge the two main culprits: The Federal Reserve System, which in 1913 conquered (but did not vanquish) America by separating the crucial sovereign function of creating and issuing money from the other three branches of government; and free trade, which is a scam that undermines American sovereignty and self-reliance and moves our productive capacity to other nations, which depletes local, state and national treasuries of revenue and robs the people of their livelihoods—all so an oppressive world economic system can be inaugurated and consolidated.

Naming the true culprits of our decline is where we must begin. What are the first two steps? Audit the Federal Reserve, and place tariffs on all imports. Please visit your congressman steadily, including “Full Service Fred” and the other 434 House members who have the power but not the will, to enact tariffs and sack the Fed. Due to increasing concerns that the corporate media is using a false left-right paradigm to contain the tea party  movement, and perhaps even hijack it, writer Harold Gray noted: “The usurpers are now corralling this new group of truth seekers.”

He added: “We have the . . . verifiable government documents to show the . . . goals of the new world order. So now is the time to . . . begin reaching out to these new minds before they get duped into the false revolution being perpetuated by the mainstream media.”

Moreover, there is growing evidence the FBI has been spying on tea partiers and related activists.

Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as a corresponding editor for American Free Press. Together he and his wife Angie provide many photographs of the events they cover for AFP. Mark welcomes your comments and inputs as well as story leads. Email him at at [email protected].

(Issue # 18, May 4, 2009)

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