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By Pat Shannan and Victor Thorn

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has placed thousands of pages of its history onto a website it refers to as “the Vault” and has advised the public to keep a close watch as more will be added. The files contain a treasure trove of new or little-known information about some of the most pivotal events of the 20th century.

From “A to Z” it has Al Capone to the Zionist Organization of America, with other likely cases one would expect in between—Martin Luther King Jr., John Dillinger and the Rosenbergs—to the unexpected finds of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Col. Harlan Sanders, the beloved Will Rogers and comedian Jack Benny.

Conspicuously missing are files from the Oklahoma City bombing and TWA’s downed Flight 800. Evidence has shown that the FBI was instrumental in the cover-up of pertinent facts in both of those high-profile cases.


In upcoming months AFP will profile other intriguing gems contained within the FBI’s vast database. Some of these stories may broach subjects familiar to AFP and past Spotlight readers such as the tragic drowning of Teddy Kennedy aide Mary Jo Kopechne.

However, additional twists and turns from other sources will reveal elements of these cases that undoubtedly differ from official explanations.

Pop culture icons like John Denver are also surprisingly featured in a variety of FBI memos. Denver, well known for folksy songs like Rocky Mountain High, faced an alarming amount of unsubstantiated speculation that reflected the vindictive nature of FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover’s bureau.

This week’s center-spread provides a focused glimpse of the 2,000 documents that some refer to as “real life X-files.” For starters, Pat Shannan analyzes the biggest revelations yet made by the FBI in regard to 1947’s celebrated Roswell UFO crash.

One agent writes of this event, “three so-called flying saucers have been recovered in New Mexico,” while another informant described “three bodies of human shape” that were removed along with the craft.

Next, Dave Gahary delves into the strange relationship between two seemingly polar opposites: thuggish JDL hit men and the violent gangsters who comprise inner city music. With death threats, extortion and murder at its core, this story shows the full extent of JDL terrorism in America and how they preyed on equally violent black street musicians.

Lastly, the FBI’s obsession with antiwar protesters and counter-culture figures of the late 1960s and early 1970s is addressed. Further, one of the most enigmatic topics in the history of conspiracy research is broached, namely, could secret files be directly linked to the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the kidnapping of Howard Hughes and the break-in at Watergate?

Turn to pages 10-11 for a few answers.

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(Issue # 18, May 2, 2011)

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