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Controversial Speakers Explain Zionist Supremacy


By Mark Anderson

The First Amendment Festival sponsored November 7 by AMERICAN FREE PRESS featured stirring speeches by two noted authors and lecturers, Dr. David Duke and Texe Marrs. Several AFP staffers, including this one, shared brief remarks as well. Duke spoke forcefully about his ongoing effort to spread the word about his main focal point—Jewish supremacism.

As he explains in his books, this hegemonic movement permeates most levels of society and has fostered tragic wars, as well as steep economic and cultural decline through control of central banking, key government posts, media, television and the movie industry.

Speaking to an audience of about 100 people at a Washington hotel, Duke said that a big issue to consider is American troops being killed, maimed and traumatized fighting Israel’s enemies in the Mideast. About 300,000 U.S. troops who served in Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering  from mental illness and 320,000 have traumatic brain damage, he said.

“Officially we have 32,000 wounded … we’ve literally caused the breakup of millions of American families… [and]America is hated around the world,” Duke reflected, while mentioning the Fort Hood Army Base shooting that had just occurred. “What happened in Texas would not have happened, if America was not in a state of perpetual war,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Obama is debating whether to send 20,000 or 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan, Duke added, showing that Obama’s anti-war statements prior to being elected president were just throw-away remarks for public consumption.

“These wars are not serving the interests of the American people,” said Duke, stressing that due to the entrenched power of the lobbying group known as the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, American troops will remain embroiled in the far-away Middle East on Israel’s behalf while the U.S. border with Mexico remains virtually wide open to illegal immigration and the cultural, demographic and economic shifts that it causes, such as drastically watering down and displacing America’s white European culture—a culture that Duke believes deserves equal respect with all other peoples on Earth, especially since it is that portion of humanity that founded America.


Noting that his limited activities as a young man with the Ku Klux Klan were 30 years ago and that he long ago chose a different path, Duke also remarked that the pro-Zionist media’s persistent efforts to cast him as a racist are completely off base.

Calling Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize “the greatest joke of the century and the last century,” Duke characterized Obama as a “Judas Goat”—an appealing personage who leads the innocent to slaughter. Obama appears perfect for that role, since he does not look like a “good-old-boy white establishment type.” Therefore he can get away with Zionist policy-pushing, as Duke sees it. Moreover, Obama often gets European support for pro-Zionism due to his apparent popularity in the U.S.

Indeed, Obama, in Duke’s estimation, is the “Tel Aviv candidate” groomed for his current job within the Chicago political machine over the course of many years. Much later, Goldman-Sachs, a financial power that Duke noted is under Zionist control, “gave the largest amount of corporate contributions to him.”

Sweeping through several related matters, Duke said that the essence of Jewish supremacism is the Talmud, a major Jewish holy book. Noted Zionists believe that all life on the Earth literally was created “to serve the Jews.” He asked the audience to imagine what would happen if he were to say that life was created “to serve white people.”

Duke also pointed to the sheer hypocrisy of a Louisiana judge in a small parish being lambasted for not wanting to perform an inter-racial marriage, but the media are silent regarding the Jewish system’s discriminatory practices.

“A marriage between a Jew and non-Jew is not legal— it doesn’t happen,” Duke said, “but we’re sending our money to a nation that has that kind of policy.” He added: “The racial policies of Israel are more extreme than the policies of National Socialist Germany.”

Duke added that Jewish influence in Hollywood is appallingly shown in “torture porn” movies like Hostel and in brutality-laced flicks like Inglorius Basterds starring Brad Pitt. These and similar movies teach the young it’s OK to brutalize someone they dislike. Moreover, the pornography industry, according to Duke, has considerable Jewish influence while demeaning women and undermining normal relationships between men and
women. As an author, Duke has written that certain Jews support such seedy enterprises in their twisted zeal to undermine Christian culture.

Yet, Duke still believes that the Jewish people and Israel deserve a basic right to self-determination—but certainly not this ill-gotten supremacy that fosters so many evils—just as blacks, Chinese, and, yes, European Americans should all have a chance to preserve their respective cultures.

Furthermore, the 61-year occupation of the Palestinians’ land by the state of Israel, and the outdoor prison that it has become for herding, torturing and killing Palestinians, is horrifying and must end. Duke documented in his book My Awakening that President Jimmy Carter, today a critic of Israeli policies, tried to reason during peace talks with [the late] Israeli leader Menachem Begin but found that this former commando, who was directly involved in brutal killings of Palestinians when their land was seized to form Israel in 1948, still saw them as subhumans not worthy of consideration.

Also in My Awakening, Duke wrote that a majority of the leading comrades who launched 20th century Communism were Jewish, including Leon Trotsky (a.k.a. Lev Bronstein).

Marrs complemented Duke’s speech with a number of observations, including a major point that the popular ministries of leading “Christian” evangelicals actually are run by Jewish interests. This, according to Marrs, explains the pro-Zionist, Israel-can-do-no-wrong bias of major TV preachers like the multi-millionaire Pat Robertson.

This behind-the-scenes “engine” runs the Christian establishment while hating Christ, but “the real church,” Marrs remarked, lives on in the hearts of “the little people.”

The Praise The Lord (PTL) ministry seemingly run by infamous preacher Jim Bakker “was not owned by Christians at all,” according to Marrs, who added that even Pastor Oral Roberts was bailed out by a Jewish insider connected to a race track who put up $100 million, yet such “bailouts” do not exist for genuine Christians.

Marrs added that “700 Club” founder Robertson, after flunking out of law school, floundered a bit but suddenly got seven broadcast stations donated to him. To put it mildly, Marrs does not believe the stations were an answer to a prayer.

After outlining other Jewish connections with high-profile evangelists, Marrs noted that putting money behind the preferred president is also important. For instance, according to “Jewish power broker” Abner Mikva, as related by Marrs, “Barack Obama will go down in history as the first Jewish president of America.”

Mikva, a longtime federal judge, also reportedly said that Obama was Jewish-groomed in Chicago, which led to major Jewish financial backing from the owners of Hyatt hotels. Marrs added that billionaire George Soros, whose connections include the centuries-old Rothschild banking interests in Europe, put money into various U.S. movements such as ACORN, the community-based organization with which Obama was connected in Chicagoland, and which evidently got involved in crooked dealings.

Marrs—while stating that there are only some 18 million Jews in the world, with 7.5 million in Israel, about the same number in the U.S., and the rest elsewhere—marveled at the amount of influence and control such a small but powerful minority can exert, and how expertly their influence can fool people. Marrs illustrated this by noting that in A.D. 70, the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed down to the last stone as Jesus predicted, and that what remained was deemed to be “desolate,” or spiritually empty, yet modern-day Christians want to rebuild a temple that has nothing to do with their faith.

The Temple Mount Foundation gets money from Christians. Marrs met a female backer of the project who remarked, “Isn’t it wonderful prophecy is being fulfilled,” but Marrs said that when he set the lady straight regarding the facts, she was totally taken aback at the prospect of being so thoroughly deceived.

Both Duke and Marrs referred to the Talmud, which includes sordid and shocking contents and is difficult for non-Jews to even find, much less read, but its pages explain the basis for the apparent Jewish-supremacist mindset that both authors have labored to explain and expose.

Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as deputy editor for American Free Press. Together he and his wife Angie provide many photographs of the events they cover for AFP. Mark welcomes your comments as well as story leads. Email him at at [email protected].

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(Issue # 47, November 23, 2009)

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